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A beautiful young Parisian woman named Jeanne looks for an apartment when she has a chance encounter with an American expatriate named Paul who happens to be in the same apartment she goes to. Instantly drawn to him and him to her, they start an erotic and passionate affair. She wants to tell him about herself but he tells her he doesn’t want to know anything about her, that there’s no need for names. While that is going on she goes to see her fiance Tom, whom is making a documentary about her and Paul is trying to deal with his grief over his wife’s suicide.
Many consider this film too explicit because of the NC-17 rating it got, but it’s much more about the character’s lives and their need to escape than the sex scenes. Unquestionably one of Marlon Brando’s greatest performances.
Starring Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider, Maria Michi, Gitt Magrini, Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud 10/10


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